We want you to succeed. It’s that simple. Our entire business is about helping people find pathways to success via the right franchise fit. We do the homework for you. We do the analysis with you. We guide you through the entire process, making sure you’re in good hands at all times.

There is no cost to you for our services. We’ve been helping people make better, smarter, more informed decisions for years. Independence—a new career—is much closer and easier than you may have thought.


Support is where a great franchise truly shines. That means proven operational guidelines, training, marketing initiatives, and the ability to provide products or services with momentum and popular demand already in place, not to mention solidarity and assistance from owners’ groups.

Eligible candidates must have a minimum of $50,000 in available capital for investment and a proven track record of success with a strong desire for financial independance

Worthwhile franchisors are careful about choosing someone to invest in, just as you are in choosing a franchise.


What is FranVenture?

We’re a franchise consulting group for prospective entrepreneurs. We work with you to determine your strengths, prime you for success as a business owner, then put you in touch with franchisors from our extensive networks.

Why FranVenture?

We save you time and needless effort on your road to entrepreneurial independence. We walk you through the process, helping you explore new opportunities and franchise options at no cost to you. We’re experts in the search for the best-fit franchise—we’ll teach you what to expect and give you the resources to avoid costly mistakes down the road.

So What Are My Obligations If I Choose To Franchise?

You have no obligations to FranVenture, monetary or otherwise, during the process of connecting you with appropriate franchisors. Once you’ve found the right fit, you won’t have to pay extra fees on top of published franchise prices. Our marketing costs are absorbed by the seller and won’t be passed on to you.

What Types Of Franchise Can I Expect To Encounter?

We deal with a broad range of business categories—everything from food service to fitness to finance and beyond. Our franchise partners range from niche markets to nationally recognized names, and the corresponding investments vary by franchise.

Why Should I Franchise?

Perhaps most importantly, going into business for yourself offers unequaled freedom and returns in an industry of your choosing. But franchise ownership also has other benefits: a proven success record, plenty of support from the franchisor, and outstanding consumer appeal.

Do I Need To Qualify First?

To be eligible for consideration, franchisee candidates must have a minimum of $50,000 in available investment capital and at least 15 years of relevant life experience. Remember that franchisors think of you as an investment, too—these criteria are carefully chosen to select for the most apt candidates.

I’m Ready To Start The Process. What Now?

Please provide some basic information to get the conversation started. A representative will be in contact shortly to walk you through the next steps!

Ready to get started? Find the perfect ideal franchise near you.